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Darvocet is a combination of propoxyphene and acetaminophen which is used as pain relieving pain and fever. Propoxyphene contained in the medicine is a narcotic pain reliever and acetaminophen contained in it lesser potent in relieving pain. It elevates the effect of propoxyphene.

Important Information about Darvocet:

It is a prescription medicine and propoxyphene contained in the Darvocet is habit-forming and hence it should be used only by those for whom it is prescribed for. You need to keep this medicine in a secure place away from the reach of others. You should not use this medicine if you have taken MAO inhibitors like Rasagiline, Selegiline, Phenelzineor tranylcypromine etc. in the past fortnight. It is very important to note that you should not take this medicine until the MAO inhibitors get cleared from your body.

How to take Darvocet?

You need to take Darvocet exactly as prescribed by the physician. The drug is taken orally and exactly as prescribed by your doctor. You need to follow the directions given on the prescription label strictly. Inform your doctor if you think that the medicine has stopped relieving you from pain. An overdose of this drug is damaging to your liver. Adults should not take over one gram or 1000 mg of this drug per dose.
Dosage of the drug depends on its strength, physical condition of the patients and their response towards the treatment. The drug is addictive and you should not stop using it all of sudden as it may cause a number of withdrawal reactions. Just swallow the drug with sufficient amount of water. Store the medicine at a room temperature away from the heat and moisture. Propoxyphene contained in the medicine is a drug of abuse and hence this medicine should not be used if you have any history of drug addiction.

A Word of Caution:

To ensure that Darvocet is absolutely safe for you, you need to tell your doctor if you have sleep apnea, liver or kidney disease, history of head injury. Stomach or gallbladder disorder, brain tumor, suicidal thoughts or suffering from mental illness. Also, you should not take any type of alcoholic beverages when you are taking this medicine. It is not proven that it is safe to take Darvocet during pregnancy but inform your doctor if you are taking this medicine and are pregnant. Breastfeeding mothers should not take this medicine as it can cause breathing difficulties in the newborns.
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