Shipping Policy Rules and Laws that Govern Shipping

Primarily, our shipping mode is determined by the content of the package and your address. We make use of safe transit methods for delivering your package. Please note that our shipping rates are determined by our shipping partners UPS, FedEx, DHL Service, etc. which are our preferred carriers.

Check-out page checkout page displays the different modes of shipping which are available with us. You may also be requested to edit your order in case it falls within the price bracket of the shipping mode requested by you. Your shipping mode can be changed when you change the delivery address or the content of the packet.

We shipping centres

We have 3 shipping centers within US with primary partners UPS FedEx, DHL Service which deliver the medicines at your doorstep quickly without any hassles. Well-being of our patients is a priority for us.

What would be your default shipping address?

The same address given by you in the recent order is considered to be your default address. Just in case you want to make any changes to the shipping address on our check out page, you can click the change button. We will deliver you the package in the shortest possible time without any hassles. You have the right to edit your address make any additions or deletions on your saved address. The orders made by you will be unaffected by changes you make on your address.

Discounts that you get on shipping

You can either get totally free shipping or shipping at the lowest rates as per our marketing policies,You can avail our special offers or our best deals. We give you super discount time to time some time offer going on.

Our deadlines within which your orders will be processed

All the orders placed by you before 3:30 PM for everyday, will be processed on the same day but it is also subjected to the availability of the orders in stock and also at the nearest distribution centre.
However, if we receive the order after the cut off time it will be processed order on the next day shipping.

You get an automated confirmation mail

Within 5 minutes of getting your order, we begin the processing of the order and you will get an automated order status in the mail for the same.